Omawumi, Mohbad’s wife, agrees to do a DNA #justiceformohbad

According to the news search results, Mohbad’s wife, Omawumi, has agreed to do a DNA test to prove the paternity of her son, Liam, who is 5 months old.

This comes after Mohbad’s untimely demise, which sparked rumors and accusations on social media about the true father of the child. Some people have suggested that Sam Larry, a close associate of Mohbad, might be the biological father of Liam. Others have claimed that they had dreams or visions about the DNA result being negative.

Omawumi has stated that she had refrained from responding to the rumors and backlash due to the advice of her lawyer and sister.

However, she expressed her readiness to undergo a DNA test to put the speculations to rest. She also said that she loves her son and her late husband very much and that she is confident that the DNA test will confirm that Liam is Mohbad’s son.

The DNA test has not been conducted yet, but it is expected to be done soon. Verydarkman, a social media activist who has been vocal about this issue, has suggested that the DNA test should involve Mohbad’s parents and use their blood samples alongside that of Liam for the test.

He also said that if the allegations against Omawumi prove to be true, it would not only implicate Sam Larry but also Naira Marley, potentially positioning them as key suspects in the tragic circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death.

The situation has generated a lot of reactions from fans and followers of Mohbad and Omawumi.

Some have expressed their support and sympathy for Omawumi and her son, while others have criticized and condemned her for allegedly cheating on Mohbad. Some have also called for justice and truth to prevail in this matter. #justiceformohbad

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