Shocking Findings as Mohbad’s Father Tried To Bury Him At Midnight Of Same Day He Died.

The Baale of Ikorodu, who is also the Chairman of the Landlords association in Lagos, has revealed how Joseph Aloba, the daddy of late Nigerian singer, Mohbad tried to bury him at midnight of same day he was said to have died.
Keep in mind that Mohbad died on Tuesday and was buried in Ikorodu, Lagos state on Wednesday.

Questions have been raised by means of Nigerians as to why his own family determined to bury him a few hours after his dying, notwithstanding being a Christian.

The chief in a circulating video said Mohbad’s father first called to tell him that they would bring the body for burial by midnight, but he refused.

He noted that he told Mohbad’s father that the late songwriter could not be laid to rest at midnight on the same day of his demise.

The Baale, who spoke in Yoruba language, responded to questions thrown at him by a lady in the background.

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